The idea for came during the process of building our
Social Network.

The Smart SOA Social Network already encompassed existing SOA networking communities led by IBM and other 3rd parties. However, we realized that there was not one stand alone web destination where SOA enthusiasts could find the latest SOA news, share knowledge and discuss relevant issues.

We were fortunate to partner with InfoQ, a leading software development community that already had a strong SOA news and networking portal. InfoQ was already interested in building out the capabilities of their SOA community, as so we signed on as the key sponsor — and thus SOAsocial was born.

SOAsocial is intended to fill an unmet need in the marketplace, not reinvent the wheel. For instance, it is not meant to replace the popular SOA groups that exist on mainstream social networking sites, but to supplement them with an additional source of focused knowledge from the worldwide community. SOAsocial’s overarching goals are to maintain a dynamic stream of quality, focused content, and provide the venue in which that knowledge can develop. I am excited to announce that SOAsocial will continue to unveil new capabilities in the coming months that make it even easier to contribute and consume the information housed there.

Please stay tuned!