While on Maui, we also went to see the sunrise at the Mt. Haleakala ! You get up super early — yes, 2AM — and drive up a very curvy road to see a breathtaking sunrise over a crator. But a sunrise? Haven’t you seen a sunrise? (Take a peek!!)

The beauty of this sunrise was amazing to me. As I talked to my tour guide, he was busy snapping pictures. I asked him why? Doesn’t he see this same view everyday? He said something impactful .. while he does see it everyday, it was that consistency of beauty (Haleakala’s brand!) that attracted him and made this tour what it was today! One of the most popular in Hawaii!

So while we tend to think that consistency is boring, his view was it was that consistency that made him intrigued. As I watched this glorious event, I thought again about my passion of Social Media. All of us have a multitude of tools, but the consistency of our brand in each is appreciated and celebrated. In a way, the consistency makes us unique.

For example, is your picture — part of your brand — consistent in Twitter, your Blog, your Blogher profile, your LinkedIn account. What’s the value of that consistency? Well, your brand is repeated. That consistent repetition makes your brand known — in this case, for your first impression! As I walk into a room to keynote, people know me from that repeated pciture!

What elements should be consistent?

As you look at your social media strategy, note your common “branding” elements. Things like taglines, pictures, resumes, should be consistent so that you are instantly branded.

What do you think? Anyone disagree?