Innvo8 2.0:  Serious Social Gaming
Innvo8 2.0: Serious Social Gaming



We talked about using gaming to train and drive demand in the new world. 

 We piloted an Innov8 gaming strategy (see this post! and have now gone to Innvo8 2.0!   I wanted to share the updates & progress with you on our great IBM gamer Phaedra Boinodiris!

Web Traffic/Metrics

  • Traffic has doubled  since May!   Thousands are playing per week
  • >75% avg clickthrough of eNurture emails (avg in industry is 25%)
  • Over 3.5M gamers used the Proactive LivePerson chat offering more information from the game on our products — an 4000% &  uptick in the use of the tool.

Usage Beyond Web

  • Our Serious Game is now in Widespread use in our Briefing Centers Worldwide
  • Innov8 2.0 is featured in our lobbies
  • We also have heavy standalone usage by our enablement teams in many geos
  • Many of our events feature a Gaming Competition!

I am sold on Serious Gaming.  What are your thoughts?

We wanted to take the serious game and take it outside the web as well.