“Wake The Beast” — OK, well, I just got around to writing this since my trip to Ireland a month ago!!!

I think the Honda Civic campaign called “Wake The Beast” is super cool!

Did you see it?   It was launced in Ireland — where I just was for a meeting in Dublin with partners!  I saw it on a  large billboard featuring Honda Civic R image with a tagline  ‘Wake the Beast’.
The beauty of this campaign is that people can  send a sms message “Text START to the short code 51500″ to start interactions with the bill board advertisement, this call to action (sending sms) will trigger the lights on the car to light up and smoke to billow from the exhaust of the car on the poster while user gets a link to Honda Civic R Mobile website so they can browse for more information and can receive the ring tone of engine roar.

Below is the video showing, how people can interact with the billboard display:

This is social media at its Max!   It is a way to ENGAGE the user, CONNECT with the texter, and CREATE a new image for Honda!

I love it!