So here I am, watching the beautiful snow fall and closing out 2009. Of course, I always do my New Year’s resolutions. As a family, we share ours and, of course, support each other in achieving the goals.

So for 2010, with all of you as my Social media family, I invite you to join me sitting at the fireplace for my Social media resolutions for this New Year.

1. Focus on my Tweeter associations. My holiday reading included blogs about how strong relationships were formed over social channels. Thus this goal: Pick out and strengthen 10-15 of my strongest relationships  from Twitter over the next year. Want to join me?

2. Really strengthen my Facebook presense. I love Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr, but I never really talk about Facebook or leverage it. This year, I am going to find a great use for my Facebook page and presence. This B2B maven welcomes your suggestions.

3. Experiment with the new trends in social media, such as location-based services.  Given that things such as BriteKite and Foursquare might become breakout hits in 2010, I will experience location-based services. And I hope that these become integrated into Twitter, LinkedIn, and   yes, even Facebook.

4. Strengthen my content on blogs and tweets. Content is queen, and I want to deliver more and better content to all of you. This includes my content in keynotes and sessions such as those coming up at BlogHer and WITI 2010.

5. Give back through sharing more of my social media experiences. I was just on the phone with Carolyn Leighton, President of WITI, and Michelle Price, Social Media Maven. They shared with me trends on women wanting social media skills but needing training. Over Christmas, I taught my dad how to use Twitter, and a light bulb went off. I want to bring more people into using Social media with an ROI attitude, so I will train more people who want to use these tools.

6. Increase my use of the cool new WordPress features. With new features such as the Affiliate and Squeeze themes, learning how to make this blog even stronger. I love WordPress and just need the time to do more.

7. Write another book . I am just beginning, but I will share more my Social media more widely (closely related to resolution #5).

8. Leverage all tools in my social media tool box for my new IBM role as leader of Software Group Partners. I am pulling together my social media plan now to drive more connections and ease of use, as well as sales linkage for my partner community. New territory, for sure.

9. Start a series on my blog with other top SMEs (subject matter experts). I will start this in January and have a great line-up planned. What companies would you like to see featured and what leaders would be good to interviewe here? Do you know someone I should focus on? How about you?

10. Talk to members of the Digital Generation and learn more about how they think. For them, social media is life . I want to see more about how they use  sites and content and how they think. My cousin only sends texts; my dad is now on twitter. This is ageless and timeless, and I need to learn more about its potential.

I want to hear from you on this one. What did I miss? Will you help me meet these goals?