I am Israel this week with a whole set of partners and clients that are amazing!

During my time spent with clients and partners, here’s some of the things that I learned that I thought I’d share!

  • In Israel,   Facebook growing faster than Twitter  •2 Million users:  53.8% are men and 46.2% are women •Ages 18-24 = 32.4%; 25-34 = 37.6%, teenagers 14-17 = 18.3% .  Interesting that in my Partner roundtable today, the country sentiment is that Twitter isn’t understood in value — I tried to help!  Let’s see if it worked!
  • IBM Israel team did a ** Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ** only campaign to attract partners to an event here and ended up with over 200 new developers!
  • Social Groups.  I found a first of its kind! — Social media conference for Torah-observant people and organizations.  Sponsored by Kishor Women’s Professional Networking Group (www.professionaljewishwomen.org)   It was spent addressing legal and philosophical issues relating to use of social media as well as internet safety for children & students
  • Social Media Networking – Israel – connect via LinkedIn §For developers, technical writers, and users
  • Shin1 – most popular social network for Israeli kids (http://www.shin1.co.il)
  • Supermom Network (http://jerusalemsupermoms.ning.com)
  • Dec 2009:  IDF cyber defense strategy — planning to use social     networking —  Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube — to reach international audiences  

   Some great and creative work by Isreal on Social Media!