Tribes are important … key organizing prinicple around tribes is kinship.  The core goal is to provide a sense of belonging and band together!

Tribes today have shifted to multiple affinity tribes.   For instance, professional tribes, social identity tribes, etc.

People move into and out of tribes online…..for work, fun, and play!

Tribes written by Seth Gordon! 

How to get loyal tribes!  

  1. Tell a story!  Grabs attention and holds it in an ongoing fashion.
  2. Through rites of passage. Membership is earned not given!
  3. Obligations.  Rules of conduct and honor.
  4. Egalitarian goals.   Bottom up good!  Sharing is prized and highly valued.
  5. Multi  skilled group.  
  6. 2 way loyalty!   Tribe protects members and members protect tribe.

How does this relate to social media and the future of the web?   The same way…

  1. Tell a story!  examples:  trip advisor, patientslikeme, whirlpool,
  2. Through rites of passage. example like ebay power selling
  3. Obligations.  Showing Intel Social Media guidelines
  4. Egalitarian goals.   Tide tshirt on facebook.
  5. Multi  skilled group.   Forrester ladder of participation
  6. 2 way loyalty!    example — Facebook .. 35K people commited to quit Facebook…. due to privacy!

Very interesting thoughts.   Will pull together all days thoughts later!