I am live in Sydney learning about Web 3.0 with some of our core IBM Partners!

Key themes that I learned from my first session led by LinkedIn gent!

1)  Online communities shifting to search and niche sites.  Since everyone is now in Facebook and other communities, in the future Web 3.0 that means that

2)  Career management is changing to resume 2.0 and 3.0.   Old way of finding a role, go through newspaper and find an ad that suited you!  You needed to be an active candidate to be in the race!

Then came the era of the job board, replicating the offline to an online search capability!  CVs were uploaded and searchable.  But you still had to be active and looking for a job!

Today, there are active sites where clients develop their brands.  Recruiters go to sites like LinkedIn to find potential recruits.  This new world of online recruiting has passive candidates that are assessed by recruiters.

Most talented job candidates are not looking but passively there and interested for the right opportunity!  The average student will have 10-30 jobs before they are 38!!!

3)  Brand of You!  Brand is your name and reputation.  Your revenue is your salary.  And your business listing is your online profile.    People are acting more and more like entrepreneurs.   Make sure you are focused on your online brand and that it is inline with what you want your brand to stand for!

4)  Professional networks will grow as fast as social networks.

Professional networks have core functionality that enable you to grow in your profession.  Members manage their identity and reputation.