Government 2.0 was a discussion point at the Web 3.0 conference!

Examples given ..

  • National Weather Service — released the data.   Within 30 days, there were 6 innovative applications to show the data. 
  • On Nov 14th, the MBTA released real time data for bus schedules.  Within one hour, there was a google app to leverage the data.   In 5 weeks, iPhone apps, displayed on buses.  In 8 weeks, there was a full blown google app.  Even a watch with the bus schedule shown!
  • National library newsletter digitsation project to have crowdsourcing to fix the errors within.  The goal is to do something great for society.  Runs 24/7 since launch.  Julie Hempenstall has corrected over 300K erros! 23% of correctors are overseas.  Over 7million lines of text corrected! 
  • Justin McMurry of Keller Texas — Volunteers for Help Desk for Verizon.  Public organizations where people volunteer their time.
  • It’s Buggered mate.   Site to show where you have issues on your street, etc.    To fix issues in the cities in Australia!  This is a mashup from crowdsourcing.  Govt is doing what govt does — fix the roads.  But the public is helping identify and produce user interface!