Top 3 Tools for Small Businesses Using Social Media!

So in our latest onine survey of 1000 small businesses, we found that the top social media tools by small businesses were  — in order — are: Linked In, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

  • 80% use LinkedIn on a monthly basis, and 56% visit it daily or weekly.
  • 68% use Facebook on a monthly basis, and 46% visit it daily or weekly. (YouTube 77%/37% and Twitter 50%/29%)

Results show that partners from smaller companies and in executive roles have a higher usage of these four predominant social networking sites.

Consistent with Experian:

These numbers are on par with new media survey results from Experian Simmons issued this summer.

The survey showed that 66% of all online adults today have visited a social networking site in the last 30 days — and these numbers are up from 53% in 2008 and just 20% three years ago in 2007. (see here! )

IBM has what it takes!

It was also great to see that an overwhelming 97 percent of respondents described IBM’s social computing capabilities as moderately to much better than other competing large IT vendors. It means they value what we’re doing — our expertise and technology.