I was just in China — and missed Tweeting.     In 2009, the China Government disallowed Twitter in the country. 

Whilte twitter brought the concept of the microblog to China, now there is a China version that the people of China showed me.  It is called Sina Weibo.  

Around 3/2010, Sina’s CEO Cao Guowei revealed there were 5 million registered users of the service but claimed in May that  they had doubled the number of members. In comparison, it took Twitter nearly 30 months to attract the same number of users.

From what I saw, the service is a Twitter mini me!  It allows users to post 140  Chinese characters. However, my team in China told me that 140 Chinese characters can say a lot more!!!

I am very interested in finding out more about how this is used.   If anyone has used Sina, could you comment back to me as I’d like to chat to you!