Really?  Oncor — the largest utility company in Texas — and the leader in Smart Grids, not only speak Texan, but social media?  Texas utility Oncor is communicating with customers via social media in order to meet the needs & expectations of their customers!

I am live at the IBM Industry Symposium, and I heard from Mark Carpenter, CTO OnCor Energy.  From knowing ahead of time that the power is out .. (his quote ” We don’t have to wait on the customer to tell us when their power goes out. We already know”) to allowing bill and usage tracking from iPhones, they have embedded social networks in all they do to service clients. 

Mark made some great comments about how they have transformed their customers service and operations by moving to social networks. to meet demand.   Customers don’t want call centers, they want tech centers, and they want the ability to access that across ALL channels through social media.  So Oncor is delivering it in real time in all channels!    They recognize that customer behaviour changing with text, mobile and social media channels.  Do you?