OK!  I admit it.  My arms are sore.  I can’t get “That’s Not My Name” lyrics out of my head.   Yep…I am playing the new WII Dance 2 game with my daughters.

Besides this being absurdly fun and a great way to embarrass the kids while I jam away,  these social games on the WII really enable social interaction unlike games played alone.

Gaming is at a crossroads.   Gaming and Social Media are intersecting — not just at gaming but also in many companies.   Social media will change every aspect of business and their business models just as it will with gaming.  It will change the way we play games .. aka Dance 2, and who plays games aka  me and what a game is.   The world we see today will change in the next 5 years with gaming being part of education for Fortune 500 companies,  enabling the disabled to be better equipped for the world, and for even generating demand for goods and services.

The new generation learns from games … and will expect this style of learning and fun to  be prevalent in all their applications of the future.

Who knew that a simple WII game could impact the world!

What do you think?