Today, we hosted a new Virtual Event on a set of announcements we were making.

Check it out here:  

This is our Second Annunal Event — our first one won a MarComm Platinum Award! YEA!

Insights and lessons learned:

1. Hybrid works best. We ran the virtual event with 30+ in person events around the world — Vietnam, Texas, Nordics, London, and the list goes on. The group watched the event today and “played” with the features but then personally got to network with others.
2. Engagement matters most. Last year, the time spent in our event was 84 minutes per attendee — pretty good, but this year, we will be double that. Why? We focused on content, responsiveness, subject matter expertise live, etc. Last year, we found this engagement resulted in big wins for us.
3. Word of mouth. This year, we had more client and bp references and speakers. It is always better having others speak on your behalf! The feedback and sat is off the chat on these great references!
4. It takes a Village. To pull off a virtual events, takes all the things that a ‘live” event takes: communications, drive to, organization, messaging, great content, planning, and the list goes on. Many of my clients think that virutal events are just easier. I beg to differ. The best are as well planned out as a big live show. (And of course, I think my IBM team is the best of the best!)
5. Content is king. Great content makes all the difference. Have meaty speakers, and great new things to talk about! It’s what its all about!

Tell me what you think we could do even better!!!