I presented in Argentina this week on Social Business to the Entrepreneur Community there. Since I had an injury, my doctor would not allow me to travel but instead of canceling, we decided to host the meeting via Video, and use video for the presentation, Twitter and Instant messaging to take questions. It was a small but very influential group — so this was a test to see how “Social” we could be!!

I received very good feedback from different sources. I wanted to share with all of you the report with the twitter stream received from Community Manager — this is a best practice .. having a GREAT community manager — but more on that topic in another blog!
Click me and see the TWITTER STREAM !

Very interesting way to know how they received our messages and to know the ones engaged (& twitter enabled!). We have 27 different twitters, wich generated 122 messages with this trending words: #socbiz, el, rt, de, social, @sandy_carter, la, #ibm, en, del, mundo, y, business, @acroglia, via