I love the reports and research done by GlobalWebIndex, a company based in the UK, lead by Tom Smith! 


Here’s what I learned from my weekend reading and learning!


1.  The Asian markets — China, Japan and South Korea still have a strong blogging platform focus.


2.  Growth markets of  Brazil, India, Malaysia, Poland and Russia:  Leading in the social networking and microblogging world.

3.  Developed Markets – UK, the US or Canada, – microblogging and social networking strength

2.  REAL TIME is where the growth is!

I also found the thoughts on the growth in real time interesting.  They defined real time as Twitter, Facebook news stream, RenRen in China. 

The stats they shared were: 

    • 10% of all web users are updating their social network profile on a daily basis , 24% on a weekly basis.
    • Micro-blogs are still updated daily by 5% of all web users. 
    • Almost 17% of 16-24s are updating their social network on a daily basis.

    • Personal pictures, while still the number one action on a micro-blog, fell by 5% in the period, while links to external news stories increased by 17%.

    • Over 70% of users that post more than once a day have streamed a TV show ondemand or live in the last month.

    • Mobile users moved from 25% of web users to 33%

3.  Moving to ENTERTAINMENT!

The biggest reason to get social is ENTERTAINMENT — Films, TV, Music, Gaming, etc. growing motivations to use the internet are “finding  Their claim “A clear demonstration of the new age of entertainment that is driving change in how we use the web.”