I was here today in Boston (yes, in person!! but with my purple paisley cane!) to keynote at MarketingProfs B2B Conference.

  This conference is an exciting one as B2B marketing is using more and more social technqiues.  There were over 30 sessions having lessons learned and case studies on uses in real companies today.   There are over 300 great marketeers here learning and eager on these areas.

Roy Young kicked off the day at breakfast.  Do you know Roy ? He is brillant and has a lot of insight!

Key points of far!

  • Culture eats strategy for Lunch!
  • 15% of your followers are your tippers!  Find them, share with them, and make them your best friends!
  • Engagement requires interactive experiences.  Consider mobile, gaming, location based, video, and virtual gifting.
  • Embed social into your processes for impact!  15% revenue increase on average for adding social to marketing and sales.
  • Have a risk migration plan.
  • And don’t forget the Analytics!  Social Analytics are the new black!

More later!