I wnt to start doing a new Social term each Monday for posting!   Mark those calendars to check in!

We are beginning our Social Business Glossary!

Tipper People who influence the rest of the clients and potential clients online and offline; usually about 5%-10% of your product or category’s population.



Tippers are very important people because they influence everyone else in your network.   Tippers vary by category. For instance, I could be a tipper in Social Business but not in cars.  Knowing who these people are is very important.  In my SOA days, we knew these folks and previewed product announcements, sought advice, and relied on them for shaping our business that grew in share each year.   Much of our success in SOA and BPM came from this strategy!

Tools like the Social Analytics that IBM uses can be used to identify these folks.  Also companies like Deep Mile!

Tell me your favorite way to find your tippers!!