I am here at E2.0!  Moving around a bit slowly but meeting some great clients all day today!  Tomorrow I have a client breakfast, a community manager lunch, a session at 1:30PM  and a book signing!!



I love that the conference this year is dedicated to Social Business!  But today I six clients ask me what a Social Business was!

So here’s my first post from E2.0!   What is a social business?

A Social Business is a business that embeds “social” in all of its processes, connecting people to people, people to information, and data to insight. It is a company that engages its employees and clients in a two way dialogue with social tools, is transparent in sharing its expertise beyond its four walls, and is nimble in its use of insight to change on a dime, It is different from Social Media, in that Social Media primarily addresses or focuses on marketing and public relations. (That’s where the media comes from.)