@RODINCoglinMil sent me an article on Women vs Men on LinkedIn.  She asked my thoughts about it.The report is from LinkedIn — looking at where Women are great Social Networkers and which industry they are not!



Intersting to me — is that Women ReTweet Men more than women, and Men ReTweet Men more than women!

So the question I pondered, is how do you improve your Networking — both Virutal and In Person!

Tips for Women to More Effectively Network!

  1. Make Time for it!   This is a big difference in men and women. I once asked my male mentor about networking and he said he considered it part of his job.  Most women consider it extra credit.
  2. Select the Right Areas — whether the right LinkedIn Group, or beyond.   I think that you cannot do everything.  So for instance, I started with 3 LinkedIn groups about Authors but ended up selecting one of value.
  3. Be interesting!  Showcase your compelling self!     On LinkedIn, have a great Photo, complete your entire Profile, and make sure you have  a great elevator pitch!  
  4. Show interest!   Listen to people, ask Questions (you can do this in the Q session on LinkedIn).  Join great groups of interest.   
  5. Follow up on the referrals you have been given and cultivate.  I recently met a group of 10 fabulous people but knew I couldn’t keep up the same with each.  So I prioritzed. While I followed up with all, I dedicated more time and more followups to a select few.

I have to work at networking daily.  I try to have lunch out once a month, connect with 10 new people each month, and provide value to 10 people each month either in connecting them to others, providing them information I think will value them, or just in general providing advice!

What do you do?    What should we do?  I’d like your active conversation.