This is our continuing Social Business Monday Word of the Day!

Crowdsourcing;  Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to generate new ideas and to refine ideas that exist, as well as vote on the “best” idea. Crowdsourcing leverages the collective intelligence of many people to try to solve a problem or generate new ideas. Crowdsourcing is also sometime referred to as “wisdom of the crowd” or “collective intelligence”

Crowdsourcing is an important part of your strategy.   It is about soliciting customer wants leveraging the blogosphere.  Leading companies engender loyalty by directly involving customers in defining emerging needs, constantly tuning offerings to satisfy the customers’ rapidly changing preferences. These leading companies leverage their clients and potential clients by making sure they are providing what customers want tomorrow, instead of what they wanted yesterday.

Throughout the global world, crowdsourcing with customers is a new competitive trend. Collaboration across different channels to create new products and services is becoming tablestakes. Companies are increasingly expected (by their clients) to follow them wherever they communicate with or about them through all possible channels. Not surprisingly, standouts are 13% more focused on new or different channels. It opens up new ways to engage with customers to harness their creativity and co-create to develop new products and service models.

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