Every once in a while someone really amazes you. And extends you help and experience.   That happened to me at an Avnet Conference last year.  I met Jeff Gitomer and a great relationship has formed.  He has advised me on my new Thought leadership book GET BOLD.  

Why am I writing about this on the Social Business Blog?!

Well, the common thread that Jeff and I shared was seeing the vision of Social.   I think you know that Jeffrey Gitomer’sSocial BOOM! is on Amazon today.  Over the past 20 years, Jeffrey has established himself as a global authority on sales and customer loyalty, and one of the most widely read business authors of all time. His books have appeared on best seller lists more than 750 times, and have sold millions copies worldwide.

Social BOOM!, Jeffrey’s newest breakthrough book, is everyone’s guide to catching, riding, and mastering the tidal wave of business social media that is sweeping across the globe and changing the face of business forever. This is your step-by-step plan to attract, engage, and connect worldwide through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.