Happy Monday!

This is our series on Monday of new Social Business Words, that didn’t exist before Social came on the scene!  At the end of the series, I will share a full glossary of terms for your use!

Today’s term is one of my favorites!  Social Business Digital Council!

A Social Business Digital Council is a cross-organizational body (marketing, HR, product development, supply chain, customer service, and more). In the most successful cases, it is cochaired by a line of business and IT. The mission is to explore best practices to share and replicate in the company. In addition, the Council should help craft the Social Computing Guidelines, set up a content activation strategy, create a Risk Management and Reputation Management plan, and provide guidance. It is not set up to be a blocker of social tools and techniques but rather a promoter of Social Business for competitive advantage.

How many of you have Digital Councils?   I ran a Digital Council at IBM for our IBM SOA Group, and am on a few as a guest of my clients.  I’d love ot hear what yours looks like and how successful it is!