I had asked my team to share with me stories where they had leverage Social Tools.   Here’s a pretty cool real world example of that philosophy in action told to me in Dallas Texas by Duffy Fron!


“David beat Goliath in Cary, NC this week” – that was the headline after a small band of concerned citizens blocked the US Government from operating an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center adjacent to a NC neighborhood.


This small band of citizens was able to do so much in so little time because we used social software to inform and mobilize an army of people to call and e-mail their Congressmen and Senators. Using Social Software such as Twitter, Facebook, and a Portal website (www.stopcaryicenow.org) our community successfully blocked the US Government’s plans. The GSA posted a press release on July 12th informing us of their decision to terminate their current SFO in Cary, NC This press release came out exactly three weeks from the day that we vowed to stop this project.

What makes something like this work in speaking your mind? 

  • Multiple networks assisting in the message
  • Someone is listening ( i tweeted with 1000’s about US Air incident – and no response!)
  • Don’t give up — more than just one or two articles blogged, or tweets

What else? How can you help others use this media to make a differnce?