I am here in DC with Keith Yamashita and SY Partners!

With a group of companies, he led us through the What does it mean to be human and social!?  The bottom line:  Don’t fight both!  You are human — don’t lose that when you go online!!

We first answered a question “If you were with friends, and told a joke that hurt someone. How would you respond?   When would you respond?   and “How would your friends feel?”  No one finds this difficult because you are “human”.

However when we walk through the doors of the office and we forget these basic rules.   Being Responsive, Quick, heartfelt is important.  We know how to respond.  

Why do we change in the social media world?

The example they gave was from J&J, where when they launched their Motrin campaign offended moms.  The Moms took to Twitter, Facebook, and mommy blogs.  This continued through the weekend, and Motrin did not respond until Monday, when it removed the ad, and released a statement that Seth Godwin commited sounded like “it had been put together by a committee.”


1.  People Gossip and Listen to Gossip! We are expressing this same behavior from the 17th century but social is amplifying it. 

2.  People want recognition.  Example – Foursquare with the badges.

3.  people seek outlets for their creativity.   Youtube example with 6M people watching someone build a lego version of Marion on video!

4.  People define themselves by the groups they belong to.    Networks of people.

5.  People fiercely defend their beliefs.  Example:  Nestle campaign about the “proposed” deforestation.

6.  People seek redress for their grievances.  People want to restore a sense of equity. Example:  Maytag from mommy bloggers.

7.  People join forces with strangers to achieve a common goal.  Example:  Raising money for Haiti online.

8.  People defy authority.  Example:   LibyanYouthMovement fueled the “gathering” in the streets.

9.  People try to make boring sites fun.  Example:  Keos healthcase game.