All:  I have been doing a LOT of meetings with companies starting their Social Business journey and the top 3 mistakes that I see people begging advice on is the below!



1. Social Media and building communities is not a PR, Communications and Marketing task only. It needs commitment and engagement from the whole team.  That’s why it is Social Business, not just Social Media!


2. Social Media is risky.  How do I eliminate the risk?  The answer is, you can’t!   There are ways to mitigate the risk but the risk is there as it is in many cases.   I recommend a Repuation Manage proactively monitor this online but that you have a Risk management plan.

3. You can not outsource Social. Some of our leaders asked me “who writes your blog?”  They wanted to hire external ghostwriters for a blog etc. I recommended not to do it because the success of the Social channels depend on personality and authentic writing & communication.  This needs to be personal.