Get Bold!  Use Social To Drive Up Your Sales Results!

Social media is changing everything.  I don’t have to tell you (or Jeff Gitomer who wrote Social Boom!) that Social media will change the way we live and work.   It is the 5th business transformation that will impact every aspect of business.  

On 9/15/2011, Get Bold! will be released on  It is filled with over 70 case studies, and a framework to help your business create their own Social Business Agenda. Order it here!

It is a Must Read because:

  1. It shares advice from a business leader who has leveraged Social Media to drive ROI in her businesses.
  2. It has an actionable framework to help you do something, not just read something. The Social Business Agenda has been used in over 64 countries for business success!
  3. The story is told with over 70 case studies from companies in B2B, B2C, small, medium, and large, and every industry and country. 
  4. It is about real ROI.    Did you know that on average adding Social into your sales process increases your sales by 15% according to a McKinsey Study?
  5. It recognizes that transformation takes more than luck, technology or prayer.  It takes a culture.  Afterall, Culture eats strategy for Lunch!

Adding social to your sales process makes you more competitive.

As an example of what you will learn in the book, read this real case study!

In IBM, our team must attract a high volume of leads from a new set of customers.  Since Social has become a tool for getting information on products and services, we wanted to explore how to leverage word of mouth.   For instance, after a Twitter search or deeper conversation in a LinkedIn group or forum, potential buyers might ask companies for more information, but they also often turn to their peers, other clients and trusted advisors.

So our team decided to go social.  Our inside sellers drove prospects to their Rep Pages –- personalized pages that play a “virtual business card” role for inside sellers. These pages have relevant information to clients, enhance the relationship, and give clients one-click access to interact with their reps.

After training on how to engage and nurture potential clients, the team built Twitter profiles to establish a presence in the social networking world. The ultimate objective of this pilot was for sellers to use social media to add value to conversations and build a pipeline of leads.

We (IBM) also worked with an outside firm to identify the most prominent influencers in the our space, so sellers could then follow them and comment on or retweet their posts and learn and connect.  We developed a unique engagement strategy for each influencer, based on their activity and what they were saying.

To make it easy to maintain their Twitter presence, sellers also have a social message calendar, accessible via the feed reader function within Lotus Notes. The calendar features time-sensitive messages reps can tweet, with enough content for three tweets a day.

Over a 7 month period, these teammates increased their Twitter followers by 5X  

In the first two weeks of this effort, sellers’ Rep Page visits rose by 106 percent –thanks to a systematic pattern of Twitter mentions. The sellers reached 1.9 million contacts.

As we move ahead, social selling success will be reflected by the rep’s Klout score,  which gauges influence in the social world, an increase in the number of direct Twitter followers, and relationships developed with key influencers.

I’d love your comments and feedback on  “Draw Up Your AGENDA,” provides a showcase of complete Social Business AGENDA case studies with a summary on each workstream your company will need to complete.   Here are my top 10 tips for your Social Journey!

Many thanks to Jeff Gitomer for his mentorship on writing this book!! He is SUPER!