One of our top partners, DeepMile Corporation, talked to me about Social Analytics and listening!  I am here in DC and working on the Social announcement of IBM’s new Smart Cloud for Government, one that is FIPS and FISM compliant.  I thought this story was particularly relevant on Social Analytics!

 Who’s listening on Social ? An important aspect of an effective government social strategy is measuring its effectiveness with constituents and businesses.  New Social Analytics are emerging to measure an individual’s effectiveness to influence others in social network domains.  Here are the results of an Arab Spring Case Study to see who was really responsible for mobilizing the crowds in Egypt during Arab Spring. 

Social Tipper Metrics measures an individual’s social effectiveness by comparing the number of their followers and the number of reactions generated when that individual sent out a social message.  For example, Wael Ghonim was thought to be the biggest influencer in mobilizing Egypt’s constituents during Arab Spring.  While he had 86,000 followers on Twitter, his twitter messages created 3,291 reactions within his social networks.  The real influencer of mobilizing the masses were Weddady.  While he 6,900 followers, when he sent out messages, 1,281 reacted in some fashion to his messages.  Weddady had a much higher metric *186) on his ability to influence other people’s behavior through social. 

By measuring a “Tippers” effectiveness, government agencies can focus their marketing campaigns more effectively on constituents who influence the masses.  Justin Bieber sent out a few tweets reference Egypt and Arab Spring, there were not many reactions to his input. 


  • DeepMile analyzed 25,000,000 relevant tweets over one week
  •  Identified communities, sub-communities and mass influencers related to events in Egypt
  •  Analyzed “who” actively influenced discussions causing messages to cascade – or go viral
  •  Correlated activity to events in the physical (offline) world 

The importance of Analytics is key!