I was in London all day on Friday and discovered some great trends here in UK!

  • Only 55% of UK businesses build online communities and 21% of those who do have a Social Community, depend on IT to drive it.  Those who leverage Social Communities are having great success but typically it is a joint IT/Business driven venture.   I would encourage your focus to remain on the IT / Business partnership.
  • Channel management came up consistently in the UK.   Discussions on approach are crucial:  for instance, you could target 100 new facebook fans a week, 20 online discussions on forums, etc.  OR UK companies are reviewing the Tipper view:  get 5 influential bloggers to talk about your product or company and then have them reach the masses.   This is a very sophisticated approach to the thought process.
  • Investment discussions were around Training of employees and Social listening.  Again, 2 of the key areas to drive results.  Very good direction from the UKI clients.

I didn’t have any UK companies provide me with permission yet to tell their stories — but soon!