I was invited to Farmer’s to present new Leadership Skills in a Social Business world. First, I view this as a insightful move from the executive team.  The line up of speakers was impressive and their focus on coaching and 21st century skills was amazing.


As I did 4 sessions to the highest senior team, I think I learned as much as they did but on different things.  Here’s what I learned from Farmer’s.

  • Farmer’s is commited to leadership 2020.  This meeting focused on the leadership skills required to get them there.  So many times companies focus on strategy and priorities. They focused on people.
  • As I love to say, culture eats strategy for lunch.  Their culture is one of authencity and teaming to lead them to that growth.   It is impressive.
  • While growth is top of mind, the thing that impressed me the most, was their focus on “not at any cost”.  They reminded me about the mission of “caring for people” and how that has impacted their company.  They care for people — their employees, agents, and clients.   This oozes from everything they did.

I often say that becoming a Social Business will amplify your culture and values.  I was very impressed with Farmer’s Insurance as a company, and its leadership team and have no doubt that Farmer’s Journey will be successful.