Beginning November 8, the W3C Organization is hosting a worldwide event, called a Social Business Jam, a three-day online event to discuss how best to apply social technologies to maximize business effectiveness. W3C is a well respected standards organization in the tech industry and is responsible for key ideas that make it possible for you to read this page with your web browser. It is interesting that they are inviting business, government, and academia leaders for an open discussion on issues around social business and understand the role of open standards. A glimpse into their motivation may come from recent data reported that more than 50% of social technology users still have doubts about the effectiveness and value of the technology to their productivity at work.


Participants have the opportunity to interact with the Special Guests during the event, ask questions, raise challenges, and confer with speakers and other participants using an online discussion format that transcends schedules and world time zones. I see that Tim Berners-Lee will be one of the those Hosts. Should be exciting to see Tim’s views on Social Business.


The W3C event is free and the six topics described on the Jam information site are relevant to anyone attempting to move beyond just social media.


Registration is open and free.

I am excited and proud that IBM is a supporter of the W3C Social Business Jam as an industry focused, vendor neutral event.


I recommend you check out the Jam and register today: (