Crowdsourcing is a top value of Social Business.   Crowdsourcing is the act of soliciting input (knowledge, insight, ideas and other forms of social capital) from a widespread, diverse population in order to produce an optimal solution, product or service. Often either monetary or non-monetary incentives are provided as motivation.

How do you select your crowd for this innovation?

Some suggestions!

  1. Decide if you want an open “crowd” — i.e.  everyone and anyone, or an invited “crowd” based on a set of criteria.
  2. Where do you find that crowd?   Do they hang out on LinkedIn? Facebook? In a particular communtiy?
  3. How do you reward them to come to your “crowdsouricing party?”
  4. Articulate your goal and process clearly so that the right people stay.  For instance, Community to Innovate 2015 Technology Trends.   We will start brainstorming in community y, for 3 days with votes deciding the winning ideas.
  5. Make sure it matters enough to your team — SR team as well — to participate with your Crowd!

And always thank the Crowd!!!!

  1. And always remember to say Thank you!