This is our last of this week’s focus on Crowdsourcing.  Market Research 2.0 will be done with Social. 

Here is a great example.  Charlene Li, author of Open Leadership and Groundswell, is using information for her next piece of research.

To whet your appetite, here are some early findings so far from her Crowdsourced research:

  • Creating a “watercooler” is still the most common reason for deploying — but these suffer because of lack of adoption and more importantly, purpose.
  • Companies are beginning to deploy enterprise social networks with specific business goals in mind, ranging from optimizing a business process like sales to supporting a change in strategic direction.
  • Metrics, however, are lacking. Most deployment focus on engagement metrics around adoption and usage, rather than tying efforts to business goals.
  • Some larger organizations are linking adoption and use of enterprise social networks to employee retention — engaged employees tend to be happy employees.

Take the survey!  It takes only a few minutes!  And experience crowdsourcing!