I love the McKinsey reports on the Business Value of Social.  

The latest report was just published in October 2011.   The heaviest users of Social enjoy the benefits such as increased knowledge sharing and more effective marketing.  These benefits often have a measureable effect on their businesses.

Some of the cool experiences and facts that you could use with your company include:

Overall Usage:

  • The percentage of companies using social networking was 40 percent and using blogs was 38 percent.
  • Those who leverage Social internally, say that at least 51 percent of their employees use it. 
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents at companies using Social say they will increase future investments compared with just over half in 2009. The healthy spending plans during both of these difficult years underscore the value companies expect to gain.

Management System:

  • The 2011 survey shows that the IT department is most likely to oversee internal Web initiatives (61 percent of respondents).
  • For customer-facing initiatives, 74 percent of respondents say that oversight falls to the marketing department.
  • For socially enabling external suppliers and partners, roughly equal numbers of respondents cite the IT, marketing, and business-development functions.
  • Financing comes from a variety of places, including the IT function, central corporate sources, and discretionary funds at the business unit level.


  • 64% percent of those using Social Internally derive benefit deploying Internally
  • 55% percent of those using Social Externally with their clients derive benefit deploying Externally.
  • 59% percent of those using Social with their partners derive benefits
  • About 50% of the internally networked organizations reported that Social is integrated into their workflow, compared to 21% of the developing organizations.
  • 3% of companies are using Web 2.0 in revolutionary ways. This elite group of organizations derives very high levels of benefits from Social’s widespread use, involving employees, customers, and business partners,