Gamification is the process of using gaming thinking and mechanics to solve problems, and engage users.    And it is fun!  Fun sells and drives engagement.

While some think this is just marketing, I asset that the concepts have merit for our new Millennials as do many others who view this is the next big Social thing (  

And you cannot argue with the facts.  A lot of games have bigger audiences than TV shows do , and much stronger engagement.

For examples include IBM.  We use gaming for onboarding, demand generation, and education.

Farmer’s Insurance uses gaming to generate new clients using Farmville as a sticky hook.  They have a “blimp” with Farmer’s on it that can be used to protect your crops and if you click on it, takes you to Farmer’s landing page.

And Weight Watchers uses the point system to drive motivation .

What are your thoughts on gaming?  Do you use it?  Do you think you will?