Thinking through Social over Thanksgiving, I pondered the age of Social.  As my daughters look at me crazy at needing a mouse (why can’t you just use your finger speaks one of the Apple generation), and my daugther’s friend asks my husband what a modem is when he speaks of ancient history of computers.  I see the milennial impact today on Social in a positive way. 

At E2.0 in California, Molly Graham showed a fascinating chart on the differences in Millenial style.   I loved the differences in her (and Facebook’s viewpoint) of this new emerging culture.   Kristen Cobbie wrote:  Millenials feel they have a right to information and access to parts of the business that have traditionally taken years to get access to. Essentially, they expect that they have a right and the ability to make the company better.

While many view Millenials as needy, is this really a healthy need for feedback so that they can grow?  Instead of being viewed as selfish,  they view themselves as ineffective given the speed of the world if they cannot always improve their skills.  Millenials are viewed as selfish in some circles but this could be their passion shining through.   While they want ownership — (some deem it too early), they view this ownership desire as their willingness to accept responsibility for the ownership of the outcome.   And are they too impaient or just seeking new challenges

I love this Millenial style or frankly this view if motivates are accurate in all!  Your thoughts?