I am trying to learn as much as I can and I thought I’d summarize some of my favorite tweets of the week from Events/Client meetings/Virtual events of this Social Business Week!

  1. Transparency defies authority. Businesses must understand the re-architecture required by open social business. Culture must change
  2. Awareness translates into business, so online conversations have value
  3. Social has to be embedded into the way we work and that involves changing the culture of the company
  4. Social business is not about technology, its about changing the way people work
  5. You know the world has changed when you hear IBM executive Sandy Carter discussing Gaming! Who’d have thought?
  6. Social is a requirement for enterprises to impact the war on talent.
  7. Socialize me means going Mobile with Social.  68% of the social networking use is from a mobile.
  8. Being an effective Social Media leader has less to do with knowing the answers & more to do w/ asking the right questions
  9. Children’s Hospital of Dallas goes live with IBM Social Software
  10. SoLoMo is it. Mobile numbers are most important in digitalmarketing. It is not just about Social, but Social Local Mobile.