Yesterday a very small tree shed a very big leaf!   Take a look!  My biggest tree has the smallest leaves and my little tree produced this HUGE leave!

This leaf caused me to think about small and medium businesses and the value of social to them.  (Does everything remind me of Social?  Well, kind of!!)

Social is the great equalizer.  Social can be the great equalizer.   If used appropriately, a small company can produce the biggest leaf!

How do you do that?

  • Share your expertise using Twitter.   A small dry cleaner is active on twitter sharing their expertise on geting stains out.  They are attracting the most new clients in their local area by their updates and value.
  • Reach new audiences with Facebook or LinkedIn.  My local salon no longer does advertising to drive new clients.  They only use social means to drive new word of mouth clients through Facebook, Foursquare and other tools.  Richard Scott Salon and Day Spa is even doing social polling to understand better what is required to be even better.
  • Grow your brand.   Russell Convenience Stores uses social tools in the cloud to collaborate in their growth.  They use IBM connections to collaborate with their builders, architects, etc while crafting their new store expansion!

Social is a great equalizer!  Just like my little tree!