Social tips that I found in my work and personal wanderings that I found this week!

  1. “Top Terms make a difference”.   Looking through why certain YouTube videos there were the normal “content” “Music” “funny” but I found that one interesting analysis was the use of “most searched words”.   So I am testing this in my title.  According to YouTube:   “the weekly spikes are even more pronounced for the word “Friday,” which is a term that’s seeing more searches now than it ever has on YouTube.”    And I quote….
    “The video, which has been seen approximately 90 million times, will likely have another bump today as our data shows that — just like searches for the song — views of the video also increase every Friday. Interesting aside: even though “Friday” blew up the week of the 13th,”
  2. Focus for your target audience.   My daughers and all her friends are watching this video.  Harry Potter in 99 Seconds.     The lesson is to target your focused Social work toward your specific group by age, likes, location, etc
  3. Have a POV (Point of View):   People like comments, postings, community comments that have a perspective.   They may or may note agree with you but they like to debate the points.   Develop your expertise and your POV to add value to the conversation!