My favorite Social Tools!!

1.  IBM Connections.  Yes, I am an IBMer and I love IBM Connections.  I love the blogs and the microblogging that I use with my team, and with my clients.   It is the new ‘social inbox’ of my life!  I don’t think I could live without it! 

2.  Twitter.    I am addicted.  I have to tweet.   I use this tool because I love succinct statements.  I need the wisdom of the crowds.

3.  Foursquare.   Checking in whereever I am — and posting it in multiple places.   I like the badges as a gamification addition. 

4.   I am not sure it is the perfect way to measure influence, but I like to see the influencers in a variety of areas.   It helps me to see and understand more and more about my virtual friends.

5.  Facebook.   I love the new frictionless social gestures and the way Facebook allows us to keep in touch wtih our friends and families.

6.  Tweetdeck.   I know I already listed Twitter but Tweetdeck enables me to monitor key words and to see the best conversations.  Without this tool, I wouldn’t be as effective on Twitter.

7.  Cognos Consumer Insight.   This tool enables me to track sentiment, affinity, and has predictive capability.   All great social media-ist should listen and study at all times!

8.  WordPress blogs.  WordPress has made blogging so simple and easy and hsa the tracking I need to see how my readers like what I am writing. 

9.  YouTube.    I love video and the power that it brings.  Video envokes trust and personalization that is not possible in other medias. 

10. Delicious.   I love the easy bookmarketing and tagging, which makes for quick searching later.

11. LinkedIn.   LinkedIn is for my business contacts and groups.  It is a great way to get linkedin to great groups – like those for authors or social media enthusiasts.

12. Hash Tracking.  A great tool to track campaigns on twitter. It tracks the level of engagement of the conversations around a topic.

What are your favorite tools?!