There is a GREAT partner solution for Social Listening for action!  Our partner, HMS Technologies is getting BOLD by making this available today as a Cloud based service.    

They developed TACTweet to allow users to enter in key words or phrases to monitor, and see what is being said about their company, their prime leaders, their products and their competition.  It is a powerful force multiplier in gaining sales and marketing intelligence to get the competitive advantage.  Companies can no longer ignore social business and TACTweet is a prime example of how IBM and its business partners are delivering innovative social business tools.  

What is “TACTweet”?

TACTweet is a real time social network monitoring and analytics application built on WebSphere Portal and offered as a cloud service.   It is a social media dashboard that enables users to peer into the social sales and marketing business spectrum in real time. TACtweet pulls social data from a myriad of sources to include Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, 4Square, etc. It allows users to understand what is being said and about what. 



TACTweet also includes real time language translation of non English social data using Google Translate Widgets or the Linguasys Translate application.  TACTweet allows a user to search for social content within a specific geographic area.  (For example, only search for “Coach Handbags Sales” within a 100 mile radius around downtown Manhattan).  TACTweet geo-locates the exact location of a tweet on a map.  Additionally, TACTweet has been integrated with i2’s Analyst Notebook, a recent IBM acquisition.

It is estimated that over 500+ organizations use TACTweet today for monitoring the social spectrum.  TODAY,  TACTweet will become a cloud for fee service through the HMS Technologies Corporation. A Smarter Social Business App.

To see HMS’s system, go to or download a whitepaper of how TACTweet is being used by law enforcement through IBM Connections at!

GET BOLD ! Whats your social business agenda?