I am in Ireland for 2 days with our great IBM Inside Sales team!  And what did I learn?  Ireland is crazy about social networking!  Take a read of this survey!


I recently read this article in Irish Times about recent surveys on social media in Ireland and found some interesting points. The two surveys referenced are the EU’s Eurobarometer, which incorporates data on the perceptions of various European populations on social networking and privacy and a survey by Regus, an international workplace solution provider, which gives perspective on business attitudes toward social networking.

Each survey highlighted interesting facts such as Ireland’s internet users are the 4th heavies users of social in Europe with 68% of internet users using social tools. The heaviest users are in Hungary (80 per cent), Latvia (73 per cent), and Malta (71 per cent). Poland, Denmark and Slovakia also rank among the heavier users.

It was also noted that some 44 per cent of Irish companies are also using such tools to acquire new customers, a rise of 4 per cent on a similar survey last year by Regus.

There are other interesting facts but bottom line the Irish are using social tools!

Ireland is the 3rd largest user of LinkedIn

Wow, according to comscore, Ireland is the 2nd largest user of LinkedIn even ahead of the United States! Netherlands is #1 with 26.15 penetration followed by Ireland with 21% penetration with the United States in 3rd with 17.6%. This is significant for business networkers, recruiters and job seekers. For example, if you want to recruit an IT professional or Sales professional in Ireland then you now have proof that these people DO exist on LinkedIn!