I love good stories and giving back to the community.  With Social, the world is a whole new place!

This story came to me from one of the IBMers on my team.   His daughter  (KellyLogan)  and her friends launched a similar social campaign to the one used to connect and enlist the support of Justin Bieber (driving organ donor awareness).  Helene Campbell and her circle of friends shot a video which was sent to Ellen Degeneres using a variety of social media modes.

A Social Blitz begun last Thursday.

 As I understand it Ellen Degeneres reached out yesterday to Helene Campbell and her story will be seen / heard today on the The Ellen show (10 ET).   See the show here!    http://tinyurl.com/7r7pq7p

The likelihood of this occurring without harnessing the power of social media is next to nil. With Ellen’s intervention and involvement we expect to see a strong spike in organ donor registry. Each donor’s organs can save up to 8 lives and impact up to another 75 lives with ‘quality of life’ enhancing tissue donations. There was a 600% spike in organ donor registry following Justin Bieber’s retweet of support to his 16.5M followers (linking them to Helene’s video, her alungstory.ca blog and the “Be A Donor” application form).