So, I just tried out Pinterest.  It is very cool. It just launched in 2010, and now has 10M registered users.   I read that it is one of the top 10 websites in the world!!! 

It is intriguing to me!  Here’s why!

  1. Power to Women!  I was interested when I heard it called “Tumblr for girls.”  Yep, women drove its popularity and now its is sending and receiving more traffice than the 100M users on Google + ( more male dominated?!)
  2. Addicting.  I wanted to try this out and ended up spending 2 hours exploring and learning.
  3. Value.  About 9% of the top online retailers are offering Pinterest pins on their sites. I saw reference libraries for tech products, recipe folders for Food companies, Gift Selections for retailers, and the list goes on. WOW!
  4. Easy!   If you haven’t used it, watch this one!
  5. Fun.  I had fun.  I love social and I love my social tools.  This is one of my new Favs!  What I loved tonight is the “bucket list” “recipes”   “Top places to visit” etc.  

Have you used it?