I was reading an article by Paul Kix where he looked at the research done by OfficeTeam, a California company that focuses on job placement. The research showed that 76% of employees had no interest in becoming a manager. The issue? The X generation wants to have a great job but also have time for family.

In order to do this, these Generation Xers need flexibility. According to Neil Howe, an expert on generational differences, these Gen Xers need and want a new way of working. Technology plays a role for sure. Mobile devices and access at home help but is there another play?

Is Social a player in this new way of working? The payoffs of working smarter and overcoming these deficiencies are tremendous.  Think about the opportunities before us if we can work smarter delivering flexibility. To work smarter, we need smarter organizations – enhancing and benefiting from their people’s expertise, enterprise and creativity, rather than inhibiting them. We need to change the where and how decisions are made.

One compliant is that today’s organization are: “20th century relics, reliant on a regimented routine in a centralized location.”

Social changes the mix.

Social is about connectedness. Tapping into the knowledge of people we know and don’t know to extend expertise. And we can do this in a way that optimizes cost for our organizations. It is not in a centralized location — it is everywhere. Bringing the right people together from anywhere at any time to increase people’s productivity.


Social is about leveraging relationships. It is not about being isolated but about being people centric.


And it is all about Agility. It is about transparency that drives information sharing in all different ways, top down, bottom up, and everyway you can imagine. It is about the corporate lattice as Deloitte entitles it. Technologies like mobile and cloud give you that flexibility.


 How do you see Social Impacting the way you work?!