My theme here is about Social Content.

Loved SXSW!  Make sure you go next year!

1.  “If  it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.”    Designing from the beginning with the right goal is crucial and if you want your content to go viral, you need to design it with those goals in mind.  With that said, it is doesn’t go viral, then learn, relook and move forward.

2.  “Content is the fire – social media is the gasoline”.    I highly recommend a Social Content Curator as part of any Social Business rollout.    Content is queen so make sure you don’t think that just because you have Twitter or a community you are golden.  You need strong content to add value!

3.  “Transmedia can be used in big business”.  Transmedia is storytelling across multiple forms of media, with each element making distinctive contributions to a user’s understanding of the story. It involves reuse of content in all channels like TV, Social, Kiosk, etc.  It is a powerful topic that I am going to really dive deep on.  It was everywhere at SXSW!

4.  “Authenticity has become a marketing term. people are ‘performing’ authenticity rather than ‘doing’ authenticity”.   I agree with this and it is something to think through.   I saw many authenticate speakers at SXSW and wow, they impacted my life. And then some who were performing.  There is a big difference.  Think about it.

5.   “How much content do you read each day that you don’t share?”  Great question.   It was interesting on the amount of content I read and share.  But I starting thinking through this — what me share some things and not others.  And what analytics could we use to really drive the intelligence in producing content for sharing.  Do you do this?