My daughter’s science project was on Jelly Fish this term.   (She is 13!). While helping her I learned some interesting facts about Jellies!

Top 3 Factoids:

1.  Jellies have no brains

2.  They consume too much and then spray out !

3.  Do not learn.

As she completed the project, I thought about the implications of “bad”social – which I will call Jellyfish Social!

What is Jellyfish Social?

1.  Brain not used.  Some companies still seem to not use their brains in doing social!   Gang, social is not about control.  Those days are gone! Yesterday a company spammed Twitter with their “message”. The comments were direct back to the company!  LIsten to us, talk to us.  Don’t just do your normal 1 way message.    Social means engagement.  That’s two way discussions. Not just pushing your message.

2.  Consume and spray!  No interaction.  Jellies really don’t interact with anything!   They just spray their waste and go!   The best social businesses interact.   They get them to Comment (hint hint!) , Share, ReTweet,  Vote, Badge, Watch a Video, or do something!!!    You need move folks from being a spectator to being a participant.  Maybe with a reward — and that will be most for tomorrow !  Gamification to reward for action!

3.  Do not learn.  Those worst practices don’t learn from the information they gather.  Social is an innovation ignitor!   The best companies innovate with their employees and clients.  Yesterday I did a Coffee Break on TD Bank, a great example of listening and then changing.  Sunlife, IBM, Cemex, Lowe’s and others know that social can drive innovation.  It helps turn an organization into a learning machine!

So my daughter did great on her project (thanks for asking!).   And here she is!!!