Yes, we are continuing on our march through the infographics from the Digital IBMer!

Today’s is on the Class of 2012 — the Digital Natives!  I am a Digital Immigrant and proud of it!  I love social.    Tell me what factoids here surprise you!

Everyone is online! 


Everyone’s on a social network!  Well, almost everyone!

Social and mobile are interlocked — or should be!

The leaders of tomorrow won’t replace face-to-face interactions with digital ones, they will find ways to balance and get the most out of both.

Risk do exist – you need to develop a risk management plan!


Our best practices include:

Much will depend upon how today’s graduates and future generations harness the digital world — to drive progress in
healthcare, transportation, cities, and more. As people’s lives are increasingly digitally connected, being
social, secure and smart is not only a rallying cheer for the Class of 2012, it is becoming a way of life!