I was in London with the Salvation Army — a true inspiration and Social Business!   They do so much good work around the world — giving back and helping others.   I admire them greatly! 

But did you also know that they are a Social Business — taking that greater mission through social channels.  I met with Commissioner Sue Swanson and Mark Calleran the Chief Information Officer of the The Salvation Army.  Commander Sue has great vision around how to take Social even to the next level (See below for what they’ve done so far!)

Case Study: Salvation Army The Salvation Army, headquartered in London, has leveraged innovative engagement methods for its market. It held an International Youth Forum for those age 18 to 29. They leveraged a social networking device held by the delegates called a Poken. The Poken was a physical device that contained their contact information, including Facebook connections. When they touched their Poken with those of other delegates, the contact details were automatically exchanged. According to Mark Calleran, the Chief Information Officier (CIO) at Salvation Arm, more than 31,000 interactions (making friends) took place during the event. The top three “Pokenauts” managed to make 215, 190, and 170 friends. In addition, they had numerous live streaming video reviews through the Poken as well. Just as in the Coca-Cola example, the engagement strategy was to find a way for the community that came together once to stay connected beyond the event. And so far, this community has continued the engagement.

And there is much more as well coming!  Hats off to the Salvation Army!