I was just in London and had a great meeting with the gang at Collaboration Matters!  Rooven  showed with me the new Wicked Wednesday.  Ok, it’s not that kind of Wicked!   It is wickedly creative with the coolest social learning and networking.

So what is Wicked Wednesday?   It is a Social Learning Event.   At the last Wicked Wednesday session,  we evolved the format to create a compelling mix of theory and practise. We introduced our Collaborative Garden concept and we used this collaboration platform to capture the discourse on the role of the Community Manager.

For the coolest way to showcase value, they won the IBM Platinum Marketing Award for the Diner, Garden and Wicked Wed concepts!

The next Wicked Wednesday session  will be on the 27th June at Cafe Rouge, Charing Cross Road,  Leicester Square.    
It will  be on the  top floor from 9am -11am (its a very cool venue for our collaboration style and event format)
Take Exit 2 from the Leicester Square tube and Cafe Rouge is on your immediate left at street level.  We are currently working on transforming that captured information to create a Community Manager job description for people in the Garden to download and use in their business.
Here are some links to understand more about the event and the vision and direction!
  •   Independent blogger review from last Wkd Wed  – http://www.mwdadvisors.com/blog/2012/04/the-community-manager-conundrum.html
  • Blog post by me on our website  – http://collaborationmatters.com/category/blog-posts/
  • Slides from the last Wkd Wed  – http://www.slideshare.net/Rooven/ibm-sbb-25th-april
For the next Wkd Wed we are focusing on these topics:
  – Talent Management (with hands on live use of Gamification technology)  AND
 – Social Analytics (aka Socialytics)